Specialists in Senior Living & Hospice Environments

Robert C. Hoover, PLA, ASLA, has over 40 years of professional experience in the practice of Landscape Architecture.  As Founder and President of several companies, Rob specialized in designing evidence-informed, therapeutic gardens throughout the Northeast.  Project types included senior living, memory care, green initiative elder cottages, hospice, rehabilitation, veterans’ home, hospitals, wellness centers, wellness trails, and children with physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional disabilities.  He is published, taught numerous classes, and has lectured throughout the country.  Recognized nationally as a leader and true pioneer in this field, he has personally designed over 100 built projects, and his designs have received over 50 awards and or special recognition (as part of larger projects), including national publications and international exhibitions.  Rob is also active in the local Georgetown Town Government serving one year Zoning Board of Appeals, 10 years Planning Board and three years School Committee.  In 2023 he began his next public service campaign running for Select Board.

In 1995 Rob researched, developed, and published the first-of-its-kind, therapeutic landscape design theory for the complete spectrum of Alzheimer’s disease.  The paper, “Healing Gardens and Alzheimer’s Disease”, was published in 1995, March / April issue of The American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and to this day remains remarkably relevant.  The resultant project, Sedgewood Commons, after winning numerous National awards, went on to be recognized by the International Community for its cutting-edge work.  Based on his pioneering efforts, in 2001, Rob was invited to participate in the establishment of Chicago Botanic Garden’s flagship Healthcare Garden Design Program.  This program remains the only advanced professional certificate of its kind in the country.  In 2015 and again in 2016, he presented his latest work, and hypothesis to explain how nature might heal the human condition, titled “Rest, Restore and Reconnect” as the closing lecture for the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Healthcare Design Program.  Today, Rob is more committed than ever to studying and advocating for the healing, restorative powers of nature.  He is currently finishing up for submission of a new hypothesis as to how nature heals the human condition, Rest, Reconnect, Restore

Rob earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts and a second degree, a Master of Landscape Architecture, graduating with Distinction (its highest honor) from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  He is a registered Landscape Architect in Massachusetts and with national CLARB.